Beverly Park

Also referred to as a private gated community located in the hills above Los Angeles, California. This affluent neighborhood is known for its concentration of exceptionally large homes, averaging 20,000–40,000 square feet, and for its famous residents. The neighborhood residents abide by a 70-page homeowners’ covenant that includes a minimum building size: “No dwelling shall be constructed or maintained on any residential lot which has a floor area less than 5,000 square feet (464 m²).” Established in 1990, the 250-acre (100 ha) community was built by Los Angeles-developers Brian Adler and a partner using land that was originally intended to be a golf course named after Dean Martin. It originally contained 64 two-acre lots, a 4-acre landscaped park and over 100 acres of open space; a number of adjacent lots have been purchased and combined for larger estates. The vacant lots originally sold for US$3.5 million to $6 million each, but the prices have since increased. The price of a complete home is $10 million for the smaller homes and can reach up to $35+ million for the largest homes. Located in the 90210 ZIP Code, the neighborhood is considered a part of Beverly Hills. Because of its seclusion and security, including security cameras and constant patrols by guards, the neighborhood is popular among wealthy celebrities and business executives.