Islas Cayonetas Grand Legacy Estate | $100,000,000


The Islas Cayonetas Grand Legacy Estate is an irreplicable trio of pristine Pacific Islands, with an inherent once-in-a-lifetime level of exclusivity. The islands have already been distinguished as the flagship staging area for a trail-blazing transnational approach to a business model that emphasizes sustainability. Having been showcased at events hosted by the United Nations, UNESCO, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and other esteemed institutions, these islands, which have been endorsed in their singular legacy potential by several heads of state, offer any buyer instant status as a global player on the world stage.

Noted science and diplomacy brain trust, Pangea World, which has served as the architect of this endeavor, has teamed up with two of Christie’s International Real Estate’s exclusive affiliates. Hilton & Hyland, based in Beverly Hills, and Panama Premier Estates, the Panamanian-based partner, will both be exercising the power of their firms to ensure this opportunity fully realizes its potential.

This invitation constitutes a rare opportunity to become the owner of an incomparable global opportunity, at the heart of which lie three magnificent islands. Nearly 1,800 acres of tropical splendor off the Pacific Coast of Panama, the land is one of the few locations on Earth in which you can see the critical stages of the planet’s evolution. Additionally, the 50 beaches play host to nesting sea turtles, making these islands a nature lover’s paradise. This land is primed to become a hotbed for conservation and science, as the Galapagos Islands were years ago, and to directly influence a transformation of various distant parts of the Pacific Island region into a sustainable knowledge-economy. Such an opportunity cannot be duplicated.

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Ed Leyson